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CHEA Accreditation Interview Series

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation has produced a series of short videos interviewing college and university leaders on accreditation-related issues, including challenges and opportunities ahead and the value of accreditation to students and institutions. Click here to hear what these higher education leaders have to say about accreditation.

The weaker sex: Boys are being outclassed by girls at both school and university, and the gap is widening

It is a problem that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. Until the 1960s boys spent longer and went further in school than girls, and were more likely to graduate from university. Now, across the rich world and in a growing number of poor countries, the balance has tilted the other way. Sweden...

Nature plus nurture: Girls do better than boys in school and university

More than half of new graduates in the OECD club of mostly rich countries are now female. In several the share is around 60%. Former male redoubts such as medicine and law have increasingly been captured by women. Indeed, elite American colleges are widely suspected of admitting male applicants with lower grades, to even up...
The Social Dimension in European Higher Education -  Conference reporting

The Social Dimension in European Higher Education – Conference reporting

From 25th to 27th of February 2015, the joint conference of Eurostudent and PL4SD took place in Vienna. More than 200 policy makers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders from all over Europe participated and actively contributed to a peer learning process on the social dimension. A strong focus of the conference was put on networking...